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Say Hi to SK OVERSEAS Team!

Get to Know Us

Our company was founded in 2007, boasting over a decade of expertise in providing foreign workers, local recruitment services, and handling immigration processes such as working permits, expatriate affairs, memo verification, special passes, and passport endorsements. We pride ourselves on our strong reputation and reliability, making us the ideal choice for your needs.

Meet Our Team

Our team is committed to putting customers first. We are passionate about understanding our clients' needs and providing tailored solutions that meet and exceed their expectations.

Our Commitment

We are committed to understanding the individual needs and business circumstances of each individual client and ensure that our consulting services are tailored accordingly. Our partnership with clients aims to provide quality support and advice on an on-going basis.

Our Consulting Team

Our well-trained and qualified consultants are always available to provide guidance and hands-on assistance with staffing, labor contract, placement and counseling. To ensure the well-being and quality performance of the workers, our consultant teams made all the efforts to keep in touch with the workers at any time available. It is also our responsibility to further ensure that the workers are at their uppermost condition and during their employment period.

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